Ownesley Solitaire

To make 11.3/12hh Chestnut Sabino 

Welsh Section A Colt Foal

Sire: Toytown Gameboy

Dam: Blackvein Sabrina

I am thrilled to bits to introduce this stunning & eye-catching Chestnut Sabino Welsh A Colt to my Stud!

I’ve been searching for a quality colt of this type for what seems like forever and as soon as I saw this lad born, I knew he was ‘the one!'

He literally has it all - the temperament, the breeding, the movement, the type and of course, that sensational Sabino doing its funky stuff!


He is typically Welsh in looks, with a very handsome head & bold eye, a substantial body shape and solid bone on all his four white legs.


His temperament is extremely affectionate and inquisitive and is a true Welshman! Everything is met with enthusiasm and keenness, which makes Soli a complete joy to handle.


Soli is very flamboyant in his movement - he loves pointing his tail to the stars to show off his pacees and he can certainly shift when he wants too!.


Soli is an exciting addition to my Welsh Part Bred plans and is sure to add lots of interesting elements into the mix!