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Bergli Storm

32" Chestnut Mushroom

SPSBS Licensed Miniature Shetland Stallion

DNA Tested Mushroom Gene
Sire: Alex v. Hooksvoek 
Dam: Hedelands Puk 

Storm was bred in Shetland and bought as a foal to become my Stud's foundation Stallion and to establish my Kalipso breeding lines and he certainly hasn't disappointed!


His character is calm, confident, affectionate and he is a wonderful Stallion to handle. He is of a stocky, robust build, with a wealth of thick mushroom mane & tail hair including four mushroom-coloured socks.

Since being licensed, he has produced some exception foals in terms of build, bone and temperament, most have carried the Mushroom gene, with a mixture of colours from my solid and broken coloured mares.


I adore him!

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