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Mares & Foals


  • All mares covered by my Stallions are blood tested (and in some cases scanned) to establish whether or not they are in foal

  • All foaling takes place indoors under CCTV so each mare can be monitored carefully during foaling

  • All foals are microchipped & registered with the appropriate Breed Society

  • All foals are carefully weaned at 5-6 months old and are already eating hard feed & hay

  • All foals are handled daily from birth and trained in the basics of leading, being groomed, stabled, wormed, feet trimmed, eating hard feed & hay but most of all....being smothered in love!

  • Are Registered with SPSBS, BSpPS, WPCS, BPS, NPS & IMHPS Societies

  • Have regular vaccinations

  • Have yearly dental checks/treatment

  • Have regular feet trimming by a qualified farrier

  • Receive regular worming treatments

  • Have access to grass turnout, hay, hard feed & stabling

  • All deposits taken on our foals/ponies are non-refundable unless there is a fault or medical reason with the foal/pony, where it will be refunded in full

  • All foals/ponies are offered & withdrawn from sale at anytime and at our discretion

  • Any transport that is sent/used to collect a foal/pony must be deemed appropriate to transport them safely and legally. If not, collection will be refused. Please see Pony Transport Policy for full details.

  • All Stallions pass a Vetting Assessment by a Qualified Vet and are Licensed with the appropriate Society. 

  • Stallions, Mares & Foals are DNA colour tested where required.

  • All Miniature Stallions are DNA tested for SA Skeletal Atavism and confirmed clear.

    NB: Skeletal atavism SA is an inherited bone development disorder found in Miniature Horses and Shetland Ponies. It is characterised by severe angle anomalies and deformation of the front knee and hock. Affected ponies typically display short legs, clubfoot and impaired movement. In short, SA is one type of dwarfism but is not definitive.

  • These terms & conditions are put in place for the benefit of all foals/ponies, new owners and myself.


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