Kalipso Midnight Dream

To make 13hh BSpPS Bay Spot Bred Filly

Kalipso Rainbow Blaze

To make 12.2hh WPBR Chestnut Tobiano Colt

Kalipso Crystal Beau

Welsh Section A Cremello Filly

Kalipso Liberty Belle

BSpPS Black Spot Bred Miniature Filly

Kalipso Big Bucks

Chestnut Mushroom Tobiano Miniature

Shetland Colt

Kalipso Sunshower Raindrops

Palomino Miniature Shetland Filly

Kalipso Starlight Glimmer

Kalipso Perfect


Chestnut Mushroom Miniature Shetland Filly

Welsh Section A Palomino Colt


Kalipso Sunshine Petal

Palomino & White Miniature Shetland Filly

Kalipso Blossom Delight

Palomino Mushroom Miniature Shetland Filly

Kalipso Moon Dancer

Golden Bay Dun Miniature Shetland Colt

Kalipso Twilight Velvet

Smokey Black Dun Miniature Shetland Filly

Kalipso Silver Zoom

Silver Dapple Overo Miniature PBA Colt


Kalipso Blade Runner

Cremello Dun Miniature Colt

Kalipso Cloud Chaser

Palomino & White Miniature Colt


Kalipso Shining Armour

Cremello Dun Miniature Colt

Kalipso Top Notch

Palomino Miniature Colt

Kalipso Golden Delicious

Golden Palomino Miniature Colt

Kalipso Red Delicious

Rich Chestnut Miniature Colt

Kalipso Twinkle Shine

Dilute Black/Smokey Black Miniature Filly


Kalipso Bay Breeze

Bay Mushroom Standard Filly

Kalipso Galaxy

Bay Mushroom Standard Colt


Kalipso Twilight Sparkle

Golden Palomino Miniature Filly

Kalipso Joe

Cremello Miniature Colt

Kalipso Smart Cookie

Yellow Dun/Dunskin Miniature Colt

Kalipso Dream Drifter

Dark Bay Miniature Colt

Kalipso Double Diamond

Cremello Miniature Colt

Kalipso Apple Jac

Mushroom Dun Standard Colt


Kalipso Sunset Shimmer

Golden Palomino Miniature Filly

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