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Pony Transport Policy

  • Only Licensed & Registered Transporters will be allowed to collect ponies from the Stud.

  • If the Buyer decides to collect the pony they have bought themselves, then:-

    • the pony becomes the Buyers sole responsibility once the pony has been loaded onto their vehicle.

    • a suitable trailer/vehicle designed for the transportation of equines is to be used.

  • Names of Approved Transporters can be provided however, it is the Buyers responsibility to select, organise & pay a Licensed & Registered Transporter.

  • If a Licensed & Registered Transporter is not selected by the Buyer, then I have the right to refuse collection/transport of the pony until such time one has been organised.

  • Once a pony has been paid for and left my premises, either by the Buyer themselves or using a Licensed & Registered Transporter, the responsibility of that pony therein lies with the Buyer, including the period of time it is in the care of the Transporter.

  • Any health issues, injuries etc occurred during transit is the responsibility of the Buyer.

  • A photograph(s) will be taken of the pony on departure to provide assurance to both Buyer and myself that it is fit and well to travel.

  • This policy is in place to safeguard the pony and clarify responsibility.​

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