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Kalipso Mighty Dynamo

To make 12.2-13hh Buckskin Tobiano Colt

Welsh Part Bred WPCS
Sire: The Longhouse Celebrity
Dam: Y Ddol Janey

This colt really is something else!!


Not only is he my first Kalipso WPBR foal from Celebrity but he is also Dior's first foal, my beautiful Perlino Section B Mare. I could not be prouder!


Dynamo's head is exquisite, with big, beautiful round slate blue eyes and a cute pink muzzle. He is very refined & elegant, yet sturdy in his physic, with a strong muscle-toned back end and excellent, straight white legs.


His buckskin colouring is magnificent and he is perfectly marked, nearly identical on both sides, with a black tail which really finishes off his first-class appearance. 

He is a late foal being born in September 2022, so I am looking forward to enjoying getting to know him over Winter until he is weaned in March 2023.

What an incredible foal for my first WPBR home-bred!

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