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To make 30" Bay Tobiano Yearling Colt

(Homozygous TT)

Sire: Hermits Loki

Dam: Hermits May Rosa

Tattoo is a friendly, confident little boy with a very affectionate personality!


Tattoo is an unusually marked bay tobiano with pawprints on both sides and is TT Homozygous, which means he will ALWAYS produce a coloured foal from every mare he serves.


He has 4 white socks and a cheeky little snip on the end of his nose!  He is stocky, well built and a boxy little chap with a petit head, pert ears and will mature to approx 30”.


Tattoo is predominantly small Hermits breeding originating from some lovely island bred ponies as well as Twyford, Romany & Berry.

Born in 2020, Tattoo is being run on with my other colts in the hope he will become my future Coloured Stallion.

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