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Liscombepark Sabre

31" Cremello

SPSBS Licensed Miniature Shetland Stallion
Sire: Liscombepark Mr PePe 
Dam: Halstock Snow Zsa Zsa

Sabre is a very kind and gentle Stallion, with superb manners, an attentive nature and is a wonderful Stallion to own. He has good, solid bone, masses of hair, stunning ice blue eyes and a soft pink muzzle!


His breeding is predominantly dilute and includes Kerswell, Birling, Vorden and, in my opinion, the best Cremello Stallion of all time - Tyros Snowstorm - as his Grand Sire.

He consistently produces cracking foals including some very unique colours including two extremely rare Cremello Duns, a Smokey Silver Dapple and a Palomino Leopard Spot!

This boy is a dream come true and has it all!.

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