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Tussilago Kalipso

30" Golden Palomino Gelding

Sire: Hermits Chariot
Dam: Blackstonefolly Jessie

Kalipso was the Stud foundation Stallion and " The Mane Man" behind showing & breeding these wonderful little ponies.

Now a gelding, Kalipso is going to embark on developing his showing career, which we started when he was a youngster.

He is totally stunning with his rich golden colour and blonde hair, has the prettiest of heads and most importantly, is straight & purposeful in his movement.

He loves playing & grooming the younger boys, which is so lovely to see and has impeccable manners when being handled. His breeding carries oodles of palomino from some of the best traditional Studs including Kerswell, Birling, Barflat and  Romany.

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