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Tussilago Natural Illusion

32" Dunskin Tobiano (Homozygous) Shetland Mare

DOB: 4/6/14

SPSBS Registered
Sire: Tyrcoeds Biscuit
Dam: Keensacre Jasmin

Pippi is a RARE & UNIQUE mare who is a very desirable addition to any Stud wishing to breed some lovely old lines whilst adding colour.


She is DNA tested as Bay based, carries both Cream & Dun genes and is also HOMOZYGOUS TT  for the Tobiano gene.  This means she can produce all the favored dilute genes and regardless what Stallion she is covered with, she will ALWAYS produce a Coloured/Tobiano foal!  This is exceptional!

I have owned Pippi since a foal and she has produced two beautiful coloured foals for me - a Palomino & White filly who is out Showing and a unique Dunskin Mushroom Tobiano Colt who is being run on in his new home as a future Stud Stallion.

Genetics aside, Pippi is beautifully bred with a pedigree difficult to find these days. She’s a good solid girl and both foals were the same with pretty heads and lovely markings that mirror her. She foaled easily both times, is an excellent mum, has no known health issues.

She is mega affectionate and friendly, fully handled, genuine in all respects, comes up to be caught, lives out & stables, SPSBS registered, wormed & farrier up to date and is ready to be covered this Season.

This is an extremely hard decision but I am concentrating on my WPBR's and she is completely wasted eating her way round my fields!


I will be particular where she goes and I'm in no rush to sell her. Lots of photos and videos of her and her foals. 

Price: £2000

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